Frequently Asked Questions
Adoption Home Study Services was founded to service the unique needs of adoptive families. We provide home studies throughout the state of Florida. We travel between Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Ocala, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and everywhere in between!    Call us today 727-375-2996 to get started!

Q. How do I get started with a home study?

Call 727-375-2996 or email us at and learn more about adoptions in the state of Florida. We will walk you through the process step by step and even provide a consultation regarding your options for child placement if you are in need of a placing agency or attorney or if you need some help making decisions about your adoption options. Our director has over twenty-five years of experience in home studies and adoption work. We pride ourselves in making the home study process a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you. Our social workers are all adoptive parents and have been on the receiving end of the home study and, therefore, we understand your feelings regarding the adoption process. We will work with you throughout the process from the initial adoption consultation to the moment you finalize your adoption.

Q. Is there a charge for the consultation fee?

No, we provide consultation services at no cost. We know that the process can be overwhelming but we hope that you will take advantage of our years of experience to guide you in the right direction. Please see our Services page for a complete description of our services.

Q. What types of home studies does your agency perform?

We provide home studies for domestic adoption, stepparent, relative, second parent adoptions, court ordered social studies, embryo adoptions, and home study updates. Adoption Home Study Services, Inc. has years of experience in both Hague and non Hague Convention countries. We can work with your agency to provide a home study that meets your agency and your country’s guidelines. We have successfully completed home studies for China, Haiti, Ethiopia, India, Korea, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador, Colombia, Jamaica, Morocco, and many others. We also provide post placement services for your child once they are placed in your care.

Q. Where do you provide services in the State of Florida?

We cover the entire state of Florida. We have social workers throughout the state including all of the major cities and small towns in between.

Call 727-375-2996 to get started today!

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